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Carcosa Seri Negara

Carcosa Seri Negara owned by the Malaysian Government. The hotel includes two colonial mansions, one named Carcosa, the other Seri Negara.

An iconic luxury boutique hotel, Carcosa Seri Negara is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
In 1896, Sir Frank Swettenham, the then British Advisor to the Sultan of Perak started constructing his official residence above the Lake Gardens naming it Carcosa, probably a stylization of the Italian cara cosa or "dear place".

Integral to the development and history of Malaysia and having withstood the World War II, Carcosa has housed many personalities from Japanese Senior Army Officers, British High Commissioners and in 1989, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II stayed at Carcosa during the meeting of the commonwealth nations - Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).

With Malayan independence imminent in September 1956, the Chief Minister of Malaya, Tunku Abdul Rahman, presented the deeds of Carcosa and its 40 acres (160,000 m2) of land to the British Government as a gift, a token of goodwill. He moved a resolution in the Federal Legislative Council which read, "That this Council approve of the proposal to make a free gift of the house and buildings known as "Carcosa", together with the gardens and land attached, as a token of the goodwill of the Malayan people to Her Majesty's Government, for use as the residence and office of the future representative of that government in an Independent Federation."

Carcosa then became residence to a succession of British High Commissioners. Carcosa was returned to the Government of Malaysia in 1987

Seri Negara or Beautiful Country in Malay, was originally known as the Governor's Residence when it was opened in 1913 as the official guest house of Governor of the Straits Settlement. It was later known as the King's House.

King's House was vacated by the British High Commissioner on August 31, 1957, and returned to the Malayan Government. It was then opened as the Istana Tetamu or Guest's Palace, hosting many a visiting dignitary. In 1989, when it was combined with Carcosa into a luxury hotel, the building was renamed Seri Negara.

Best of Malaysia Awards 2012 - Best Boutique Stay

p/s: Pictures and information credit to Carcosa Seri Negara facebook

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